Padauk Wood

Padauk wood is also known by several different names. An alternative spelling frequently used is Padouk. The complete name in Thailand is Mai Prado and this is commonly shortened to Mai Doo or, if the context of the conversations is lumber, just DO. The scientific name is Pterocarpus Macrocarpus. A closely related tree (same family and genus, different species) is the Pterocarpus Indicus. The Indicus species is so similar to the Macrocarpus species that many venders treat them as equivalent products. Pterocarpus Indicus is also known as Vermillion and Narra.

Other less common names are sometimes used. Padauk is sometimes referred to as Burmese Padauk (although much of it comes from other countries) and, sometimes, Asian Rosewood. Padauk is a very specific and accurate name for Pterocarpus Macrocarpus, however, you will find that the term “Rosewood” is frequently applied to a wide range of wood types with a faint orders. For instance, Chin Chan wood (Dalbergia Oliveri) is sometimes called Thai Rosewood although it comes from a different Genus and Species than Padauk. The heartwood from Padauk is bright yellowish red to dark brick red, streaked with darker lines. Although it is rather lustrous when freshly cut, it mellows to an attractive golden brown upon exposure and age.

Paduak Photo Gallery

padauk heartwood

Padauk heartwood grain up close

Padauk Factsheet

NAME Padauk, Pterocarpus macrocarpus
OTHER COMMON NAMES Mai Pradoo, Pradoo (Thailand), Padouk, Mai Doo, Rosewood
FAMILY Leguminosae
What does this mean?
JANKA HARDNESS 2170 (Hard wood)
What does this mean?
What does this mean?
CUTS AVAILABLE Tongue and groove parquet, Sawn Timber
FEATURES Heartwood bright yellowish red to dark brick red, streaked with darker lines, lustrous when freshly cut but becoming a dull but attractive golden brown on exposure; sapwood grayish, narrow. Texture moderately coarse; grain interlocked; has a faint spicy odor.
TYPICAL USES Decorative flooring, furniture, cabinetwork, tool handles, billiard tables.

Cuts Available

Parquet Flooring

1 x 2 x 12 and up
1 x 4 x 14 and up
1 x 6 x 36 and up
1 x 8 x 36 and up
Measurements in inches

Sawn Timber

There are a range of sizes available in standard sawn timber. Please contact us with your requirements.

M Plus Timber is registerd in Thailand under M Plus Timber Co., Ltd

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