Pyinkado Redwood

The heartwood of Pyinkado is a rich reddish brown with some darker streaks. This is a very hard wood with a clear reddish tone. The red color from Pyinkado is a uniquely subtle. It has been described by many as having a "luxury class" of red color.

Pyinkado redwood is a very hard wood. Due to the hardness, it is sometimes called Burmese Ironwood. It behaves well during the drying process, drying slowly but with very little degrade. The Janka hardness indicates that this is an excellent candidate wood for flooring projects. Pyinkado Redwood is ideal for rich dark coloured flooring with lasting durability and high resistance to termites.

Pyinkado Photo Gallery

pyinkado redwood parquet flooring

Pyinkado redwood parquet tongue and groove flooring 1 x 4 x 36

pyinkado redwood grain close

Pyinkado redwood heartwood grain up close

 Pyinkado redwood timber

Pyinkado redwood sawn timber

Pyinkado Factsheet

NAME Pyinkado Redwood, Xylia xylocarpab
OTHER COMMON NAMES Pyin (Burma), Cam xe, Sokram (Cambodia) Mai Deang (Thailand)
FAMILY Leguminosae
What does this mean?
JANKA HARDNESS 2600 (Very hard wood)
What does this mean?
What does this mean?
CUTS AVAILABLE Tongue and groove parquet, Sawn Timber
FEATURES Heartwood rich reddish brown. Extremely durable and stable. Resistant to rot, termites and fungi. Very hard wood with luxury reddish tone.
TYPICAL USES Heavy durable construction, flooring, railway crossties, harbor work.

Cuts Available

Parquet Flooring

1 x 2 x 12 and up
1 x 4 x 14 and up
1 x 6 x 36 and up
1 x 8 x 36 and up
Measurements in inches

Sawn Timber

There are a range of sizes available in standard sawn timber. Please contact us with your requirements.

M Plus Timber is registerd in Thailand under M Plus Timber Co., Ltd

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