White Thingan Hardwood

The sapwood of White Thingan is a pale yellow or greyish yellow that turns pale brown on exposure. The heartwood is a yellowish-brown to brownish red sometimes with dark streaks, turning purplish on exposure, with lustrous white resin canals at irregular intervals, becoming dull with age.

The wood is very hard and heavy weighing, difficult to saw but finishes well. It is chiefly used for boat-building, dug-out canoes and for construction purposes, where durability and strength are of primary importance. It is also used for carts, presses flooring, roofing, piles, fence-posts, ploughs, furniture, etc. It is a first class sleeper wood.

White Thingan Photo Gallery

 white thingan wood grain close

White Thingan heartwood grain up close

thingan sawn timber

Thingan sawn timber

Thingan Factsheet

NAME White Thingan, Hopea odorata
OTHER COMMON NAMES Gagil (Sabah), Luis, Selangan (Sarawak), Manggachapui (Philippines), Koki (Cambodia), Mai Takien (Thailand), Koki Mosau (Vietnamese), sao den, Hopea eglandulosa Roxb,
FAMILY Dipterocarpaceae
What does this mean?
JANKA HARDNESS 1100 (Hard wood)
What does this mean?
What does this mean?
CUTS AVAILABLE Tongue and groove parquet, Sawn Timber
FEATURES Heartwood pale yellow with subtle dark streaks. Ideal construction, roofing, flooring and boat building material. Hard wood with light yellowish tone.
TYPICAL USES General construction, boatbuilding, furniture components, flooring, railroad crossties, joinery, turnery.

Cuts Available

Parquet Flooring

1 x 2 x 12 and up
1 x 4 x 14 and up
1 x 6 x 36 and up
1 x 8 x 36 and up
Measurements in inches

Sawn Timber

There are a range of sizes available in standard sawn timber. Please contact us with your requirements.

M Plus Timber is registerd in Thailand under M Plus Timber Co., Ltd

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