Current Hardwood Species

teak wood


A beautiful and durable mulitpurpose hardwood that is often used for flooring, furniture and general construction.

pyinkado redwood

Pyinkado Redwood

A luxury deep red very hardwood that darkens to a rustic brown with age. Used in flooring, interior and exterior projects.

makha wood

Makha Wood

An extremely hard wood with distinctive reddish streaks. Serves as excellent flooring and construction material.

padauk wood

Padu Wood/Rosewood

A bright yellowish red to dark brick red, streaked with darker lines often used in Decorative flooring, furniture, cabinetwork, tool handles, billiard tables.

balau wood

Balau Wood

A light pale brown hardwood that turns to a deep oak colour with maturity. A cheaper timber that still offers superior look and utility.

thingan wood

White Thingan

A rare golden yellow hardwood, known as 'Takkien Tong' in Thailand. Usually used in flooring and general construction.

M Plus Timber are able to source other species native to this region. Contact us if you're looking for something in particular.

Our Timber

Our timber species are compiled of high quality hardwoods native to Thailand, Laos and Burma. All species are available in a range of grades including a-grade cuts. We can offer all species cut as standard sawn timber or parquet tongue and groove flooring. Please note that these timber species experience fluctuations in supply throughout the season. Check with us for pricing and availability.

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Stack of large teak timber cuts

M Plus Timber is registerd in Thailand under M Plus Timber Co., Ltd

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